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EXERCISE — Go outside and walk 10 steps, go back inside and write what you did on todays date on the calendar. Tomorrow go outside and walk 15 steps, write that on the calendar. Do this for a week increasing distance 5 steps a day. After a week go back to 10 steps and increase distance each day as you can. Always walk outside and always write down how far you walked. Never miss a day. Set attainable goals with your walking. Make it a priority in your life.

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@bob76farmer What a great idea to get started walking. I had a back fusion 2 weeks ago from t-10 to my pelvis. It was a 9 hour surgery. I'm suppose to walk every day. I wear a brace to let it heal, which can take up to a year. I go back next month for a check-up.
Are you a farmer? I was raised on a farm in Iowa. It was a good experience and hard experience with my mom fighting Bipolar 1 and did suicide at age 69. My son has Bipolar 1 also and so does a lot of our other family has different types of mental illness. I am depressive and have anxiety. Thanks for the hint on how to start walking.

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