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My reaction to this pandemic is more malaise than what I have come to know as depression, which generally presents in me as sadness and feelings of low self esteem. Dysthymia is my baseline, so depression at some level is a constant. I am 72, so I am in a high risk group for Covid-19, so my wife and I have materially sheltered in place for our benefit and for those we may come in contact. The last week or more has generated more than normal anxiety. We live in Tulsa, OK, and the unknowns surrounding the visit of Donald Trump were significant for the entire community. Thankfully, he came without incident, and the responses of both factions were largely peaceful. I am leaning into my feelings, allowing them to just be, and practicing some intentional breathing exercises for relaxation. This pandemic appears to be a long term problem, and the numbers in my state are increasing at a disturbing rate, due in large part to the populace choosing to not respond appropriately. Social distancing, masks and quarantine work. A great distress beyond the disease is the financial burden, not on us, but on those whose income stream is gone, their job gone, evictions and repossessions on their horizon. De minimus response from a government and an administration which seemingly is incapable of giving a damn, and we still have immigrants on the southern border being mistreated. Children in cages. We are better than what we show the world. Momentary end of rant…

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It is a sad situation all the way around. Having dealt with depression myself and almost all family members. It’s tough. But it gets better. Through learning and understanding and accepting what depression is. Let the feelings and thoughts come. After all they are just thoughts. Then move on. Look for all the good things in life and in your situation. Seems so easy. But sometimes difficult to do. I know. Take a drive if you can and see nature. So much we can actually do even at home. I’ve been reading, talking on the phone, watching tv but not the news, painting or just reflecting. I wish you all the best. Things will get better because things never stay the same for too long. Good or bad. Stay well.

@elwooodsdad Yes this isolation contributes to worsening depression and living alone doesn't help. Then add politics to the mix and anxiety is at all time high every day.