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Lumpectomy scar healing time

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I still have a 4 or 5 inch ridge along my scar of scar tissue. Is there anything I can do to break it up or soften it before my mammo in January?? I already use heat and massage with oil and essential oils.

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Swell spots work quite well – my physical therapist recommended this to me. I used it under a compression bra for 2 weeks and now just wear it about every third day. If you had radiation, a ridge is one of the side effects unfortunately. The swell spot has helped to soften up this ridge and other lumps. Here's one site so you can see what they look like (https://www.lymphedemaproducts.com/products/breast-swell-spot.html).

Thank you so much! I just ordered it from your link! Just slip under my arm inside my bras?

Hi @jeaniebean, You'll notice that I moved your post and @trixie1313's helpful reply to this existing discussion about healing and scar tissue. You may also be interested in the advice shared by Trixie @roch @sparklegram and @dmpill in this discussion:
– Cording / Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS) https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cording-axillary-web-syndrome-aws/

Jeanie, have the application of heat and massage helped break up the scar tissue for you?

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