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Eyes and Neuropathy

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@jesfactsmon Hi Hank, absolutely but you know we always want to improve on what we have. I know I will never be able to get as active as I once used to be. I was thinking I could tolerate more activities by not having the motion sickness. I am lucky in a sense that my neuropathy is not becoming progressively worse since the underline cause was the surgical repair of my AVM. The problem with AVMs is not having sufficient data to be able to follow a recovery regiment because of the survival rate being so low. There can be so many different cases. The cerebral AVM can occur anywhere In the brain involving different blood vessels. Basically, I was left on my own to learn about my recovery. My medical team of neuro surgeons and doctors provided no information and answers since not much information was known.
Although common simple tasks can be challenging, I always try so my brain can form new pathways for doing things, like a toddler learning to better their skills as they develop into adulthood.
We do what is needed to make it to the next day. Each day brings a challenge no matter the ailment. I am proud of everyone for trying and keeping a positive attitude. As my husband says, giving 50% effort is only half, and half is failure. In another words, in making any attempt, put 100% effort into it for a better chance of success.
Thank you. You too, enjoy the weekend!

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