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Neurologist said I could go to 1 pill a day instead o 2. When I did he began having bad dreams so went back to 2. He has been hospitalized at least twice for extreme fatigue. Diagnosis has beendehydration and fatigue due to not moving enough. He has difficulty walking w Walker. Keep encouraging him but still complains can't walk. I asked neurologist if he might have
Lewy body dementia. She says it doesn't matter what type he has. He would still be the same.
Does the fact that every brain scan he has had…. CT scan SPECT SCAN & MRI all come back with good results. No brain problems.
I am at a loss for how to help him. Is there anywhere in the Dallas Tx area that can give me a more defined diagnosis or any good advise.
Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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Hydration is so important. My daughter is a P.A.
and wrote about the importance of hydration.
Do you have a registered dietitian or physician’s assistant who can consult with you? They often have more time than physicians.

Good morning @adv. Have you been able to find out anything on medications or the fatigue you husband is experiencing? I agree with @helenfrances who suggested a 2nd opinion or a referral to a major medical center. Is this something you could look into?