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Maybe this will be moved; about opioid medication

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TY 2011panc for your thoughts. A thought came to me several times while posting here in the Mayo forums: I wondered if comments criticizing doctors in general is frowned upon by participants as well as our volunteers and mentors and other unknown forum watchers? I’m not accusing or criticizing anyone for believing wholeheartedly in doctors and what they do. I guess that the thought came to mind as I recalled a number of times that doctors aggressively defended medicine and what it’s become. I’m okay with that as long as I can express what I experience and think.

Maybe an example of what I mean should be posted elsewhere but here seems better because it relative
Sometime back a doctor got Covid19. Most of his family is involved in medicine with all of his children working as doctors and nurses. He stated firmly that he did not want to go to the hospital and absolutely did not want to be placed on a ventilator. So they set up a hospital room in his home and everyone took care of him. They modified a CPAP device and he recovered faster and better than most hospitalized patients. Makes me wonder what he knows to set up his own treatment plan outside of a hospital setting?

I also thought that I heard the patients who go on ventilator mostly don’t recover. If that is true why is it still aggressively recommended?

Last year I was on a ventilator for 5 days or so. Shortly thereafter I got a fungus infection in my mouth and throat followed shortly after that by shingles on my tongue and throat. Eventually I lost my voice that was diagnosed as Muscle Dystrophy I as a non-doctor started looking at all of the things that followed. That pipe being shoved down my throat. It’s important to me to look at me the patient and to look at me as a whole unit with a series of illnesses that started happening after it was removed.
I’m still examine what happened.most doctors are not interested in my finding because I have no degree

Just something to think about

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@tonycharen I spend a great deal of time researching my own and my family's medical issues. I also talk to friends and relatives working in the medical field. Mostly I just pay attention to my body. I believe that the Covid virus responds differently in every person based on their personal histories and experiences. The doctor you mentioned may have wanted to stay at home and use a protocol that he had determined for himself. If that protocol had not gone through channels and been approved, he would not have been allowed to use it in the hospital setting. (Big pharma, right?) What I have heard about the Covid virus is that it attacks the entire system, causing the most damage to the weakest point in the system. I do believe that it has been determined that ventilators are not necessarily appropriate for all patients, but those that need them, need them.
I also have been intubated multiple times and now believe that they have damaged my throat. However, the slight damage to my throat is much preferable to the more severe situation that required the intubation.
I am sorry you had so much trouble with your mouth and throat, it is entirely possible that the trauma of the ventilator started the series of events that led to your diagnosis. Blessings.

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