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Nerve Conduction Study: Risk vs. Reward

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Hello @robtlhughes, You'll notice that I changed the title of your new discussion so that other members can easily tell what risk vs. reward is referring to at a glance.

I have had the same feelings before I got a referral to a neurologist from my Mayo Clinic primary care doctor. I had mostly numbness and tingling for over 20 years that started in my toes and worked it's way up to just below the knees before I decided to try and get a diagnosis. The neurologist ordered a few tests including an EMG before I met with him. I had the same apprehension that you have…so they do the test and find out I have nerve damage then what. My fear was the answer was the same that my primary care doctor told me 20 years earlier when I asked about the numbness and tingling in my toes. He told me they could run some tests to see if I have nerve damage and when I asked if there is nerve damage what can you do? The answer was nothing so I said why do the tests and lived with it over the years until I just needed to know. My Mayo neurologist diagnosed me with idiopathic small fiber peripheral neuropathy and said that there were no medications or topical treatments that would help with numbness. They can only treat the pain. It really wasn't what I wanted to hear but it started me on my journey of becoming a better advocate for my health and learning as much as I can about the condition.

My gut feel is that you have the same feelings and a need to know. The decision is yours but I would say your glass is half full, go for it.

@jeffrapp, @rwinney, @jimhd, and @artscaping may be able to share their thoughts with you. Good luck whatever you decide.

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Many thanks for your insights and helpful post. The nerve conduction study and whatever I had 15 months ago left no doubt I have it. (Actually the test was interesting. The tech let me watch his monitor to see if there were three identical wave forms for each place he shocked me.) My concern about driving to UPMC in Pittsburgh is the corona-virus. If that wasn't a risk, I'd go.

I feel two things to try. One is Lyrica which will definitely help the pain and maybe the numbness and secondly a stem cell treatment

Try Lyrica