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The brand is Sleepfun. I got a 2 pack for around $10. I use it to escape light when nothing else works. I had to give up night driving a couple years ago due to photophobia but, even as a passenger at night, I struggle with the lights and contrast of the darkness. The blackout mask was the only way I could ride at night. Also, the dentist lights hurt terribly so the mask has been a huge relief for cleanings and fillings. Sunglasses dont cut it for me in these circumstances.

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Hi @rwinney. Thank you. I received my sleepfun, light blocking mask. I use it at night which I found helpful to block all the electronic lights. Amazing how the smallest lights at night bothered me. I did read that darkness can make photophobia worse. Photophobia can be related to strain and dryness of the eyes. There are some glasses that filter blue light so maybe those can help you. Besides the electronic screens, blue light can be seen in fluorescent or LED bulbs.
I did see my ophthalmologist. My eyes continue to struggle with palsy of cranial nerve 4 as a result of my ruptured AVM. The eye strain is from the double vision. There has been a slight improvement over the years but not enough. As my doctor explained, prisms in my glasses will not help because of the torsion. My options are to either continue blocking sight from one eye or to have surgery. The surgery is not guaranteed, too fine for the adjustment. Any over adjustment will still cause double vision but a prism could offer some assistance. Sorry I couldn’t offer any more information on photophobia. I did order glasses with my new prescription. The use of bifocals with a line will cut back on the dizziness compared to progressives which have a gradual change. I had progressives before. I never could move my head to the right position to eliminate any dizziness.
You mentioned surgeries. Did you research hospitals with a higher success rate for eye surgeries? I found hospitals in California with eye experience. Not sure about the other states. I will continue to research before deciding on any surgery. I appreciate your help. Keep on learning to help yourself. It certainly is not an easy journey. Let me know if I can help. Good luck!

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