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Hello @jmb73, I haven't had any experience with a high resolution CT scan but I did see another older discussion on Connect on the topic that you might want to read through and learn what other members have shared until other members are able to respond to your question.

HRCT – https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/hrct/

It's really easy to understand how you are feeling about getting an all clear from you HRCT but having concerns that there still maybe something still wrong. Are you able to discuss your concerns with the Pulmonologist at your upcoming appointment on Thursday?

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@jmb73– Good morning. You have had a lot of irritations in your lungs. I'm not surprised at all that you are having breathing problems and a tight chest. It can take a while for your lungs to heal. All of my CT scans are high resolution. I think that despite your qualms about the results of the HRCT, it should be pretty accurate. Given that the technician was highly competent and your doctor is your competent you might just not have completely healed. I can't answer the question about being cured because you have a lot going on and I'm not a doctor. Do you have confidence in your pulmonologist?