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Hello @mountainseeker and welcome to Mayo Connect,

I am sorry about your disappointment at not getting an appointment at Mayo. I can tell from your post that you have a lot of rare/unusual health issues. At Mayo Connect we are just a patient-to-patient support group, we are not employed by Mayo, so I could not give you specific reasons why you were not given an appointment. However, I'm wondering if there are any university medical schools in your area that might be able to see you. University medical schools are usually research-oriented and also have a lot of specialists under one roof who can consult together.

Do you have such a facility nearby?

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Good Idea @hopeful33250, I did look into that in March. If my insurance would have covered it I would have driven the 6 hours to UW in Seattle. Unfortunately they do not.

@johnbishop and @colleenyoung I will call the appointment office and see if they can give me more details. I’ve been trying to get in to any neurologist here but haven’t thought about seeing a different type of Mayo trained doctor. I’ll see what I can find within a couple hours drive. Does a Mayo trained doctor referral help any more than a non-Mayo doctor?
I haven’t yet tried AZ or FL locations, wanted to get a better idea of why I was denied first so that I don’t make the same mistakes.
I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma/Schwannoma in the ER after an MRI a month ago. The ENT I followed up with said based on a old MRI from 2006 that is in fact a Meningioma. He is sending me to a Neurosurgeon that he works with – appointment on Tuesday. I just saw a Radiation Oncologist about Gamma Knife who also says it’s an Meningioma. But when I tried to get an appointment with another Neurosurgeon, for a second opinion, he won’t see me because he thinks it’s an Acoustic Neuroma and “that I need to see a ENT.” I’m paying for the Neurosurgeon that will see me out of pocket because he’s not covered by my insurance. But can’t afford to have him do the surgery. Insurance only will cover local ones from the same clinic as the one that denied me. So will have to travel for that now.

Thank you all for your kind words and advice. I truly appreciate it.