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Bladder cancer: Is a stoma the same as an ostomy?

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So then she will have a visiting nurse once she gets home? One of her daughters is an RN, but works in the Pediatric Dept. for children with cancer, so I don't know how much she can do. Her other daughter is a hairdresser, so I don't know how much time she'll have. I had planned to go up (I'm in VA and she's in MD) to help when she got home, but now I'm wondering if it just might be more than I can handle.

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.harp player, it is hard to say if you can handle things immediately after going home after the surgery. If you can be there while she is in the hospital you will be shown how to care for the stoma. This is not easy surgery to get over. There are emotional adjustments as well as the physical ones. Her RN daughter probably has dealt with this in children and would be the better candidate for at least the first week or two. A visiting nurse would be advised if the daughter cannot do it. Of course, someone else would need to be there as well since the visiting nurse is there for a short visit and it may not be every day. There are various websites that explain what will take place if you do a search. This a time that you can not have too much knowledge.

@amberpep I really applaud you on your wish/plan to help your friend with her post-op care from a difficult surgery. To help your friend prepare for this surgery, I would suggest that you both do some brainstorming and planning now. Since she is going to JohnsHopkins hospital, you could find out from the hospital if they have a wound clinic. The nurses there are usually certified in caring for ostomies and should be able to help your friend. You might also talk with the home care nurses at the hospital to see what kind of follow up care they can provide. Insurance covers most care so she will want to take advantage of everything!
If her daughter can be there the first week or so, it would be best. Caring for a new stoma can be difficult. The best things you can do for her is cooking, driving, and all the small but important thing to help her feel better.
Do you think you think you can help your friend make these calls?