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Covid may be messing with my DRG Trial

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@jesfactsmon Hi Hank, My surgery has been straightened out. Back to the right time, place, and coverage by my insurance. But this is only due to my persistence in straightening it out. I am having this done at Illinois Bone and Joint, in Morton Grove, Illinois, where I live. Apparently, some goof ball entered all my old insurance information into the system at the surgical center there, and the surgical center proceeded to cancel my surgery. I just happened to find this out at the exact time I was making an appointment for Covid testing. The Covid place had an incoming email about me, at the very same time I was on the phone making an appointment with them. The person making the appointment said to me, "Oh, never mind. You don't need a Covid test because your surgery was canceled." I was flabbergasted, and told her to keep my appointment for a Covid test, and I would be there. The lady at the Covid place read the email to me from the surgical center, and it said that surgery was canceled due to lack of reimbursement to my doctor, by my insurance company. I emailed my doctor thinking that he did not even bother checking my insurance coverage (which is his job, in this case.), and why in the world would he put me through a DRG trial without sufficient coverage by my insurance. His response to me was virtually senseless. I swear, Hank, he just wanted to answer me ASAP, and go on to his next poor patient. With careful thought, I put pieces together, emailed him again, and FIRMLY clarified the problem. Today, he sent me about 2 sentences, "Oh. Sorry for the confusion." He gave me back my original surgical time, date, etc. Had I not figured out what happened, God knows what would have happened with anything. Such the way of the world of fast, fast, fast, and huge technology controlling everything. However, it only takes 1 really caring human being to straighten things out. He is a really good surgeon Hank, or I would be done with him. In fact, I will most likely be done with him as soon as my DRG machine is working ok, and I am better, God willing. So that is that. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have you, Hank. A person who listens, and cares. God bless you. I think he does for sure. Lori

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Well, all's well that ends well I guess, for now anyway. Boy that is nerve wracking to say the least. You certainly didn't want to wait any longer than you absolutely had to. Hopefully things go smoothly from here on out. Take a chill pill if you have one. Or some kratom. Best, Hank

@lorirenee1 Excuse me for butting in but, good for you Lori! Prime example of being our own advocate. Way to go! People in pain don't really need extra rollercoaster rides but, it happens and we have to keep persevering for our benefit. Bring on July 9th!!

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