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lorirenee1 (@lorirenee1)

Covid may be messing with my DRG Trial

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I'm delighted for you, @lorirenee1

Having passed through a long period of suicidal ideation myself, I know the feelings that accompany it. It's brutal. The brainache, hopelessness, emptiness. So many facets.

I have an appointment with a neurospecialist on the 11th, to move, possibly, toward a DRG implant. I'll be thinking of you, and praying that it will bring you relief. Chronic, intractable, 8-10 pain is hellish. Who can fully understand it until it's experienced? We don't wish it even on our enemies.

I remember the week of my SCS trial. It was euphoric! I had forgotten what it felt like not to be in so much pain. I trust that your trial will be the beginning of a new life with controlled pain. I'm certainly looking forward to reading all about it. In the meantime, while thoughts of suicide may intrude your mind, you now have a great goal to stay alive for.

But I don't want to make this note about death. I want it to be one of encouragement and celebration and support. Countdown from ten days!!


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Jim, I hope DRG becomes an incredible answer for you, Lori and others. I know my wife has occasional thoughts of taking matters into her own hands and ending the madness once and for all but fortunately for her (and me) these are fleeting, helped by her having periods of reduced pain levels from time to time, being 8-10 on the bad days but seemingly always getting a day with a fair bit of time spent in 2-4 land with brief periods of complete respite. As bad as it is for her she knows it could be worse, if from nothing other than hearing descriptions by fellow sufferers on Connect. I liked your statement elsewhere about how the words "chronic pain" do not begin to describe what this is all about. I pray that DRG can be a possible answer for sufferers of this pernicious, insidious torment.

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