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Covid may be messing with my DRG Trial

Neuropathy | Last Active: Jun 25, 2020 | Replies (75)

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Lori, I can only add my sincere sympathy to the other's sentiments. What a disappointment! The virus (or more accurately the government's reaction to the virus) has created an alternate reality for everyone. My heart breaks for you and all others whom I read about on Connect as well as my spouse. Believe it or not I had a weird dream last night about neuropathy and attempting to cure it. Yes I was trying to figure out how to proceed to cure neuropathy in my dream, how silly is that? I know in my gut that something is going to be uncovered eventually that will be an unbelievable breakthrough that will help many people with PN (and possibly other pain related diseases). That is little solace to you and others who are suffering so much right now. One thing I do believe is that nerve pain is happening on a very subtle level and whatever answer comes will likely be operating on a subtle level as well. I just hope it happens soon. Again Lori, I am sorry but please don't get too down, we are all rooting for your drg procedure to come through.

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@jesfactsmon Awww, Hank. Such a nice message from you. It is not silly to attempt to cure neuropathy in your dreams. I am always trying when I am awake, and so is everyone else that is here!!! Something that a neurologist I had said to me really registered. I was talking to him about stem cell treatment for neuropathy, and he spoke plainly and said, "Nerves are smart. Very smart, and they are hard to figure out. Muscle tissue, bone tissue, etc., are kind of dumb, and therefore, are better at responding to stem cell therapy. You can work with them better." It hit me how little there is for any nerve disease in general, because nerves are so smart, and hard to deal with. There are little effective drugs, and most people do not respond much to them. There are few therapies that make a giant difference. To think that smoking grass is the new suggestion to chronic pain and nerve disease, is a joke. But it is all we really have. To think we send men to the moon, but cannot figure out the nervous system amazes me. But what do I know? So I wait here to hear from my pain doc. He is still trying to find a way to get me my trial. I won't hold my breath. We are all just human, trying our best. I think you are one great guy to work so hard at this, that your dreams are effected by it. It is a great tribute to your determination and love of your wife. Keep dreaming…..you just never know what you will discover…do not give up. Be safe, God Bless, Lori

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