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@mrbill– Good morning and hello! I'm glad that you have joined the Connect community. Oh, you can whine all you want on Connect! I also have COPD with stage 4 lung cancer and emphysema. It's horrible to have flare-ups and scary, to say the least. Members of the Lung Health group who have COPD with severe symptoms might be able to help. How long have you had COPD? What other treatments have you had?

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Hi Merry,
Thank you for the reply. Yes, those flare-ups are truly scary. Not only for you and I, but also for our significant other, wives, etc. I have been dealing with COPD for at least fifteen years. My last flare-up was about ten years ago, in the office of the pulmonologist none the less. He carted my off to the local intensive care in an ambulance. Actually it was about same time of year as these two. Treatments have consisted of daily inhalers such as Trilogy, nebulizer, which I no longer use because it increases heart rate. Doctor in hospital thought I should use nebulizer three times a day, so put me back on it. Heart rate went to 130 so the gave me pills for that which messed with my liver or kidneys. So they gave me meds for that. Enough is enough. I only use rescue inhaler as needed. Have not needed for several weeks. Oh well, now I am babbling.
How do I get to the COPD group? is only the second forum I have joined. The other being healingwell for my issues with advanced prostate cancer.