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Pain in shoulder after cervical surgery

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Yes! I had cervical 4-5, 5-6, 6-7 done. I had excellent results for several years. However my Doctor explained that you have to be care Dio when eating drier foods like bread, crackers chips and harder things like Licorice in bed if not sitting up
Straight snd you need to chew thoroughly! I had my procedure done in 2010, right after rotator cuff and labrum tear surgery. Shoulder locked back up so had to redo physical therapy on shoulder along with neck. 11 years later, my disks above and below are in severe pain… they’ve weakened a lot. The only thing I can suggest to give you relief other than a lot of opioids or a fentanyl patch is to have regular facet injections. Epidurals don’t work for this and all it does is add on the pounds!

Facet injections are wonderful and if two or three of these work, then plan a rysotomy with your pain management dr. This is where they either burn the nerve or sever it with needles.. I chose the later in case there was a slip, I knew in time it would come back! These work for a good 8 months at a time.

I’ve now had a reverse shoulder replacement six weeks ago and I know I really need a complete fusion after the 11 years in the cervical. However, my neurosurgeon says it’s a huge operation as the hardware I presently have has to be removed and then the entire neck has to be fused. This will SEVERELY Decrease mobility to the point of possibly not being able to drive and a huge scar across the entire neck. I visit my shoulder doctor today to see what I can do next as the reverse replacement hasn’t eased my shoulder pain at all. I have severe reduced mobility in the arm AND I still have constant pain and it now goes from shoulder to shoulder and is causing severe muscle spasms across my entire back, upper neck area from shoulder to shoulder! I’m a mess! In addition I’ve had two lower back surgeries! A fusion done thru the front where they moved all my organs to get to the back… done in 2012. Last May, I had had severe static’s for over 6 mo the and wanted to just craw into a ball forever. My neurosurgeon did a discectomy and laminectomy and my lower back hasn’t felt this good in years!

However, my thoracic spine is also herniated and surgery is THE LAST OPTION FOR THIS… I’ve been to University of Miami twice to Dr. Lee and it’s a very dangerous procedure! Having recently had this reverse shoulder replacement, I really feel it’s taken a severe toll on my cervical and thoracic spine and the reason I’m not healing as expected! I’m only 58 years old and I have felt with chronic pain since 2004 from a severe auto accident. I’ve taken myself off of ALL PAIN MEDS, but now I’m wondering if a fentanyl patch may not be the way to go again!

I’ll keep you posted. However, all I can say at the moment is I’m not happy. I wear pain on my face daily and I’m always in pain which is exhausting! I just wish I knew a solution for all I carry. In addition to all of this…. I apparently have accelerated arthritis which I believe is hereditary. When I had my cervical fusion at 47, my doctor told me he actually flipped me
Over to be sure he was operating on me as he said I had the back of a 70 year old woman. So… who knows where I go from here. I’m assuming pain will always be in my future. I just continue to look for holistic ways to treat it as my liver, I’m sure, is not in the best shape from all the drugs over the years!

If any doctors are reading this and have ANY SUGGESTIONS… I’m open to anything to try accept oxycodone or OxyContin drugs! They’re nasty and I’m very sensitive now to all opioids including morphine and dilaudid. Anything I take makes me itch bad! A fentanyl patch is about the best thing and that keeps me from sleeping so I just move on day to day and suffer and try to enjoy life the best way I can. I test a lot and am not who I was just a few years ago.

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@lorimpl Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

I'm sorry to hear about your car accident. 58 is so young to have gone through so many surgeries and reduced mobility. It sounds like you have a rough road ahead too.

Below I have linked a discussion where you may wish to introduce yourself to members like @jenatsky @anniebrook @artscaping@migizii@lionness@bustrbrwn22@gayle1@faithwalker007@ken82, who have recently discussed chronic pain.
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It seems impossible that you have gone without pain medications for so long. May I ask if you have any suggestions on finding providers and treatments for alternative pain options?

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