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Hearing Loss | Last Active: Sep 8, 2020 | Replies (26)

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Colleen, the issue for me is when I say one word and the text produces something very different, and possibly embarrassing. While using LiveTranscribe, I was demonstrating how LT worked. After bringing it up, I said in a firm demonstrative voice, “Talk” The text showed, “F—K”. That is an extreme example. More frequently I will be talking with someone and the words are so scrambled it doesn’t make sense to the speaker, let alone me. I have experienced this with all three apps, LiveTranscribe, SpeechNotes, and Nuance’s Dragon.

Living…., because Otter was mentioned earlier, I have downloaded it and am giving it a trial. Too early to make a decision. Next will be Streamer.
Thanks to all for your time and interest.
Bill Gebhardt

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Let me know if you have any questions about Streamer Bill and I can try to help. Their tech dept also answers phone calls and returns phone calls if they're not available when you call so you have to leave a message (a lot of software companies don't do that anymore…). 507-645-8924 is the number.

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