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You need to have a Corona test performed before coming to the Clinic for a procedure , doctor visit or anything. Mayo wants the check done by them and will not accept any other testing results from a different facility. You can have a test in Lacrosse which requires a72hour wait, or in Rochester which requires a 48 hour wait. You need to call for appointment. I needed to get a hotel in my case for 2 nights . Tuesday night (for actual test, another night for waiting period) There's no other way. I was just tested in Milwaukee last week but they won't accept that!! Stinks!!!

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msherfinski -You do not need a test at the Mayo in Florida and they have it outside in their parking lot. I had a PET/CT scan done today. They wanted me to get tested March 30 before my brain radiation and I had not been out of the house in 3 weeks. I told them "no" and that was the end of it. They were not wearing masks at that time and I felt very exposed, so I marked off the days for 3 more weeks before I felt comfortable to leave my house with a mask on.

I have an appointment at the clinic in Rochester on the 21st but they have not informed me I need to come two days early for a Covid test?

This is news to me. Maybe you are talking about a different campus? We are going to Mayo Scottsdale.

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