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We just made a 1500 mile 3 day trip between our winter and summer homes. To say I was anxious beforehand would be an understatement!
Here are some things we did:
– Called and asked about precautions being taken before reserving our hotel rooms.
– Stocked up on masks (reuseable ones), sanitizing wipes (including several in baggies for our pockets-see below) and pet waste bags (for touching gas pumps.)
– Planned our route to allow stops at rest areas (less people than truck stops) when possible.
– Carried all our own food and beverages & disposable tableware for the 3 day trip, including evening meals to warm up in the hotel. Sanitized refrig and microwave before using. We elected not to try takeout because we had no idea what restaurants would be available.
– Used sanitizer wipes thoroughly in all restrooms and hotel rooms and on surfaces we touch in the car after each stop.
– Wore masks in all rest/truck stops, hotels common areas and elevators.
– Showered and washed our hair before going to bed, and changed all outer clothes each day. Washed and dried all masks each evening.
– Used our own pillows and blankets.

Here are some things we observed:
– Most people were not wearing masks, but many tried to maintain distance, especially retail workers and truck drivers, who seemed aware that the extra exposure to people put them at risk.
– Self-serve areas were mainly closed in truck stops and hotels, a single employee poured coffee, bottled drinks were sold, hotel employees gave out brown bag breakfasts of packaged items in lieu of a buffet.
– Hotels had shields at their desk, or set out paperwork a safe distance from the employee, they were busy sanitizing surfaces between customers.
– Less traffic, except trucks.

So, travel is possible, just not very much fun right now. 7 days later, we survived the trip nicely, and are in day 7 of our self-quarantine, feeling just fine, thank you.

Next week, we will both be heading (locally) to rescheduled lab and medical appointments. I am anxiously hoping thumb repair surgery is in my near future, so I'll be waiting to hear about anyone else's experience in clinic/same day surgery.

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Thank you so much for this I will be making a 1300mi trip. Leaving to settle at our summer home for a year. Very helpful. I’ll be with another person albeit a poor driver and perhaps drive straight through and not do the hotel stop. Anything else you can add please do.

My husband and I will be traveling from Tennessee to Mayo in Rochester. Thank you for your tips. I am not the most imaginative cook so I am curious to learn what type of meals you prepared to reheat in the microwave and what food did you bring to eat while traveling.

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