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Distancing at home

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We live as much by the guidelines as possible. My husband is working from home so we are following social distance guidelines. Our son lives at home and works as a construction carpenter. He works with guidelines. When he comes home he immediately undresses and hits the shower and stays in his living space upstairs. My Daughter works for U of M. In sterilization. She has an apartment and we only see her on nice days outside 6ft apart. Once a week. We all have senior parents to care for. We do so by taking turnes dropping meals and needs and supplies and talk by phone or face time in between. When we go for essentials we go about once a week. One of us goes. With gloves and a face mask. I have a routine I’d cleaning in the morning. Every day disinfecting surfaces. Change pillowcases twice a week. But should be done every day. And sheets every 10 days. But should be done more frequently. I also run an air filter I have dust allergy’s. I clean showers sinks and toilets every day. Floors once a week, but we take our shoes off at the back entrance.
When we have supper we are spaced apart appropriately and then I clean up with soap and water then spray surfaces with a barbicide spray…fun.😕 I stumbled upon mayo clinic google searching for questions I was not sure about.

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HI, @ozma Welcome to Connect.
It sounds as if you are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID within your family. When you have supper are you dining with other family members who do leave your home? If not, then I am curious as to why you still separate from each other. Neither my husband nor I have left the house, other than neighborhood walks in our very spread out neighborhood, or walks on the HS track, also spread out, so I feel no need to distance from each other. I know my son and his wife are dealing with this though.
It is a difficult time for all, that's for sure. The estimates of when things will get better vary tremendously. We can only hope that the estimates that are for shorter times rather than longer, prove accurate.