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What causes the loss of mucus membrane?

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Yes I will it it if they cannot diagnose. I am just wondering how much does it cost for diagnosis in Mayo Clinic? I went to see specialists in Swedish and cardiologist said my heart is fine. But the problem is my heart rhythm is fine but whenever I wake up from sleep I have heart palpitation and heart rate increases rapidly and sometimes up to 110 and then drops after several secs. This week I m seeing the ent specialist regarding my nose and I am just afraid that the specialist will not give me a diagnosis cuz some other specialists – lung doc or neurological doc cannot find out what happens.

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@learningstudent If you contact Mayo Clinic (I posted the link to the appointment desk) they can give you information on how your insurance would work for appointments at Mayo. You do need some additional help. If a diagnosis helps you feel better and gets you back to work it might be worthwhile.
What do you think?


1. You need to contact Mayo in Scottsdale,Az for their fees. Do you have health insurance?
2. You have Virginia Mason clinics, and U of Wash.
3. Somebody needs to take charge of your health care, and that is YOU.
with complex issues, it does take multiple doctors. That is why places like teaching universities are best, your records are all under one roof.
Have you had liver function tests, bile ducts gull bladder Been checked out?
Keep us posted.

I suggest you read about panic attacks and how to stop them on the web. A paramedic explained it to me and I learned on my own to not have any more attacks, without going to the doctor. My older sister had them for years, would not follow instructions from the doctors, took the wrong medicine in the wrong way, and was told to not call the squad and go to the emergency room anymore. She continued this way for many years and lived to her late nineties, avoiding her family. If that is not the reason for the increased heart rate, at least you will be educated about the matter. Sometimes we can learn to be our own advocate for solving problems. I have a heart rhythm problem but the doctor said don't worry about it. That's no reassurance, so I work on diet and exercise because I am knowledgeable about the nutrition and I raise my own garden. If I have any serious problems in the night, my former paramedic son is available to check on me and calm me down. I don't need a doctor for everything anymore but I still read all I can about health. Dorisena

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