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Not so sure it's IBS

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Wow I thought the same thing.
I did stay through all the tests and met with doctor assistant for the results but I so wasn’t impressed.
I wish I could of went to a different hospital now.
Where I’m from Mayo is the be all end all hospital.
And when I say I wasn’t impressed people get upset with me.
I know they do great work but I needed a specialized clinic for gastroparesis and systemic scleroderma.

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12/30/2020: I am editing this post, and a couple after this - After reading them over I felt no need to rehash any memories about past treatment so I am deleting some comments and focusing on the positive.

I went to see a surgeon at University of Minnesota Medical Center, who was amazing. She told me exactly what was going to happen, and also broke it to me that there so little chance that a J pouch would work for me that I should just flush that thought right out of my head (I may be paraphrasing there! LOL).

She asked if I had any questions, but all I had was a request. If at all possible to do the surgery without cutting me wide open. She said she would do her best. Turns out my colon was being strangled by fat and connective tissue all the way and she ended up cutting my colon out about a 1/2" at a time. My 2 1/2 hour surgery took about 11 hours, but she kept her word and I only have a couple of small scars. She and her staff worked hard to take care of me as well as I think it could have been done.