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@robbie1956 Hi – I wanted to properly welcome you to Mayo Connect, and encourage you to look around for information that may help you in this most unsettling time. Yesterday I was working from my (mostly uncooperative) tablet, and unable to locate the following free course on handling our anxiety, I have found it helpful and so have my daughters. https://www.coursera.org/learn/manage-health-covid-19. Last night my husband was complaining about feeling anxious, so I plan to ask him to look at it as well. I'm guessing his feelings arose from the abrupt change from 7 weeks of total stay-at-home safety in a small community to 3 days of totally uncontrolled public travel since we both have serious underlying health issues that make us vulnerable.
Like you, I have been limiting my exposure to media (not just TV & radio, but social as well.) Some other things that help me a lot are exercise (mostly daily walking), contact (mostly virtual) with family & friends and distraction (sewing, reading, painting…) What works for you when you get that restless feeling?

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Hello Sue, thank you for welcoming me and sharing your situation…my “unease” came again, and it usually does in the wee morning hours (usually accompanied by having to make frequent trips to the bathroom)…I can get these feelings in a Target, like today….or in the supermarket…..and a lot of times very late at night…..I usually watch old vintage films, film noirs, sci-fi classics,
(War of the Worlds) 1953 is actually coming out on Blu Ray via Shout/Scream factory..these old innocent films from my childhood give me comfort…but, when I get the “unease” – it’s the worst, in those early a.m. hours of consciousness, horrible scenarios…..being left alone, with nobody to turn to for help….then panic for awhile….
Like many of us, I have underlying health conditions that limit my intake of any kind of “spirits”….the best thing I do, try to keep moving….I also walk, I try to get 7000 steps + a day, practice guitar scales and theory and lean on my poor wife, who also has health concerns….but I feel for the person who has nobody to live with and has to go this alone…I hope this gives you some idea as to what I do…..you seem to be doing well and the right things….I definitely have to stay off the cable networks…..thanks again, and so glad I am on this wonderful discussion group….