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Welcome to Connect, @robbie1956. Great to see you here. What brings you to Mayo Connect? I liked the word you used…."unease". That is the way most of us feel at least part of the time. It is difficult to deal with uncertainty even for the Ancient Mariner.

What brought you to our community of members and mentors, moderators, and caregivers? Our vision is to improve the quality of life for all of the Mayo Connect members of which there are more than 90,000. We cannot diagnose or prescribe. Our medical education comes from sharing our own experiences with others who have walked our path.

How would you like to begin??????
Be content and at ease,

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I was guided here by some dedicated people from previous discussion groups….I had read their situations and their courage.
I found it was something I needed to be a part of…..I am retired and every time I put on masks and gloves to go to the store,
I feel like I am part of any number of sci-fi pictures from the past….and I used the words unease because I just couldn’t think of anything else..it is a feeling of unease….and in the early wee hours, when I’m awake, it seems to be very gripping…..at least for awhile….then it subsides…..like most of us, I have my share of medical problems and don’t wish to catch this awful thing…
At times I feel isolated and lonely…I know of others who are the same way, some too afraid to even go outside….
Thanks so much for the warm welcome, and I will monitor this discussion group…so glad it is here, and thank you Chris.