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I was diagnosed with Covid19 on 12/7 (symptoms on 12/4/21).My medical provider put me on Ivermectin x 2 doses, Vit C, D, Zinc, Fish Oil, baby aspirin 2 x a day & Melatonin. On symptom-day 3 I started having about 3 fevers (100.0-100.9) daily that would stay above 99.0 with the use of Tylenol. I started to have insomnia at that time, twisting/turning in bed with disrupted sleep the whole night, and I would have the same dream over and over as I drifted into a light sleep. I dreaded the thought of sleep during the day because I knew what was coming. I started a cough that worsened. On 12/13 I went to the ER because I was losing my breath with coughing and started having shortness of breath. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted to the hospital. Treated with IV antibiotics, IV steroids & injectable blood thinner. I was sent home the next day on oral antibiotics & a steroid (that probably added to the insomnia). I also started home oxygen therapy at 3 liters & piggybacked it into my CPAP hose at bedtime. I continued to wake 3 times a night (waking shortly after midnight, around 0300, & 0500). Insomnia continued until 1/02/21. By then it had tapered to 2 x a night for a week, then 1 time a night for a week.
After being absent from work for a month I returned on 1/04/21 starting at 4 hrs a day. That night I started waking up 3 x a night, again. I started a Rx generic sleep-med that knocked me out so I stopped. It would make me sleep all night but I couldn't get up to go to work. Now, I will start the brand name version 1/13 (fingers crossed that it works). When I awaken throughout the night I also have a hard time going back to sleep. I'm not exactly sure how many hours of sleep I get a night. I didn't notice a difference in my sleep pattern when taking 9mg of Melatonin, so I stopped that a while back.
From the beginning I made sure that I was well hydrated with water. I had a decreased appetite, and a loss of half of my taste, but a heightened taste of salt of anything made with added salt (cheese, peanut butter, etc). I lost 5 lb in 18 days because I also couldn't eat very much due to a fuller stomach pushing against my diaphragm and not letting my lungs expand, causing shortness of breath. Fruit tasted best so I had fresh fruit & my husband made me smoothies. I now eat 2 meals and 2 snacks a day.
I am also experiencing Covid19 Brain Fog. I have trouble finding words during a conversation, a hard time remembering computer passwords and performing computer tasks, a little trouble staying focused, and get a little overwhelmed with multi-tasking. My employer is working closely with me to make sure I am not getting overworked so I don't have a relapse with my breathing. I work 4-6 hrs a day depending on my stamina.
I do feel that I am progressing and have noticed mini-milestones on 12/18, 12/23, 1/02/21. On 12/23 I stopped wearing oxygen 24 hrs a day. I still take a shower with oxygen at 1.5 liters, and use 02 with my CPAP at 1.5 L. My oxygen saturation levels on my finger now range 93-95% without oxygen; but if I exert myself too much I get short of breath and have put on oxygen for relief . 02 saturations will drop to 90-92. I removethe 02 once it is resolved.

If you have any questions pertaining my story please feel free to ask. I am learning more about my condition and living with the after-effects of Covid19, which I am praying will subside with time.

K Patterson

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Your boss is a wonderful person! Thank them for supporting you. You describe it as I imagine. I already have insomnia so I guess that part I would survive. Your bravery is commendable and I wish you a quick release from all of your unpleasant symptoms of this dread disease.

@kpatterson– Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Your story is one of inspiration! It looks like you are on your way to a positive recovery, even if it's not very fast. Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of COVID-19. Your immune system has worked tirelessly to help fight this off and it will need time and rest to heal. It looks like there is a lot of progress made!

Did you have lung issues prior to this?

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