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@merpreb. I was in a weekly video chat with my children yesterday. We brought up the subject of the new CDC update of covid 19 symptoms. My daughter said in late February a couple of toes became inflamed and very very painful . Her doctor could not find out what was wrong. It went on for a few weeks when she could hardly fit into her shoes. During that same time, she had to use her inhaler more often than usual, but then she chalked that up to asthma. Looking back, she wondered if she had "covid toes", a symptom found in some covid patients. We questioned if her husband had got sick, she said he could be asymptomatic. We suggested if this virus is under control, she may want to test for antibodies. My daughter had never had chicken box, even though she was exposed repeatedly at home with my son and at school. She had her blood tested twice and she had no antibodies for chicken pox. She planned on coming down to see me this weekend for my birthday. My son suggested going to a park by his house. It's always empty, especially now and we'll bring our chairs and sit apart at a safe distance. I'm looking forward to it even though I would dearly love to give them big hugs.

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@mayofeb2020 I too am desperate to see and hug my children and grandchildren. We will be home by the weekend, and my daughters have planned a "driveway picnic" with us (our parks are closed because people wouldn't stay apart.) They are already coaching the 4 year old that he will be able to see us in person after over 4 months apart, but not yet hug (they had "something" in March and quarantined, which he sort of understood, so we think he can handle this.) HIs very creative auntie is planning shared but separate activities for us, and I'm so excited!

@mayofeb2020– I don't know what to say about your daughter's toes. What does her doctor say? My son lives on the opposite coast than I do. I miss him terribly. I need his hugs!
@sueinmn– Our weather has been awful but a driveway picnic sounds so good. We share a dead-end with long time neighbors so I'll suggest that! Thanks for the idea.

@mayofeb2020 I remember reading about Covid toes a few days ago.. You might find this interesting. Your daughter may want to get tested

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