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@aaronblack Hi Aaron and I add my welcome also. I definitely know how what I used to call Phantom feelings are and seem so real
I have suffered with anxiety myself. Min was also due to my Heart but as I became more aware of my body I would overthink things. What helped me is a couple of things first I can to the realization that right where your heart is there is also your stomach, lungs, and muscle. So instead of always thinking it was my heart I would look at a few things. One I got good at checking my pulse and it it seemed normal then I would chock it up to one of the other things. Usually that set my mind at ease. But also you mentioned lying down. Well I do have reflux and lying down makes it easier for that feeling to be noticed and trust me it can feel like it your heart. I hope that helps and if it continues maybe mention to your Regular doctor to check some of the other areas.
Have a Blessed Day

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Thanks Dana, I was a week away from going to my practitioner and getting to the bottom of it all, perhaps being diagnosed with anxiety or attempting therapy etc. but due to the pandemic this of course has been delayed.