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When will I ever be happy?

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Thank you Colleen. My pet is still alive, but had to give her up, because I couldn't take care of her anymore. But it has been hard and I miss her very much. Shes at the boarders I always used and they wanted Lily very bad and told me they loved her, so she is at a good place and I get pictures and she looks so much happier. She is a healthy 14 year old.
I did lose my first Papillon and it is really hard to lose a pet. You love them so much and they are just like a child to you. About losing your brother, that's hard too. My story is also sad. I was married to my first love in 1969 and he was killed in a car accident 11 days after we were married. I was only 18. He is still in my heart and if it helps you "cry" Cry for your brother and dog. It's ok to feel sad.

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@lilyoaws you are so right in that our pets are like our children. He was my world. My heart hurts for you for the loss of your newly Wed husband. I cannot imagine how hard that was. My cousin was very young and engaged, pregnant, and the love of her life died tragically before the baby was born. I'll never forget how hard times were back then. I'm sorry for the loss of your pets as well, even though the most recent is still alive, I can understand the heartache of not getting to be with him. I'm so so very sorry.