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I travel from Iowa to Mayo in two weeks for open heart surgery: three valves replaced and an RCA bypass. Haven’t left the house since my return from Mayo on March 13. Trying my best to stay as healthy as possible for what promises to be a major assault on my body. I’ve lost sleep over the question “should I risk possible exposure to covid19 and go through with the surgery, or should I put it off and hope to live long enough to do it in the future?” A crystal ball would sure come in handy. Lacking that, I’ve decided to minimize my focus on hypotheticals and stick with my decision to trust Mayo. Tough times for sure…

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hi inali @inali , you are right in deciding your surgery now in mayo hospital. there is no need to be scared, you should trust them, covid-19 has NO chance to get in the surgery room. I wish you all the best.
yoanne (Germany)

@inali I can certainly understand your weighing carefully the pros and cons of whether to risk heart surgery now or risk possible virus risks in the hospital. I imagine a great many of us are wishing for that crystal ball to help us make tough decisions now particularly. If you find a stockpile, feel free to share. Smiles I will be thinking of you and wish you continued courage as you prepare for your upcoming surgery. If you are like friends who have had recent surgeries, the one thing all seem to say is that they wish they'd had the surgery sooner.