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Most countries and U.S. used self-quarantine which didn't work because young people can be infectious with Coronavirus and have no symptoms! These group is so vocal and they want their countries to operate like nothing had happened!!! Their reason is if you are afraid to get Coronavirus "You Stay Home!"
I read Vietnam is successful in stopping the spread of Coronavirus because the government tested everyone. They forced quarantine who tested positive for 14 days in hospital, military barrack, school dormitory, hotels, etc! The infectious people are forced quarantine and the non-infectious people can go out! This is just opposite in most countries, the infectious people are free to be out and infect other people. If you don't like it, you just have to "Stay safe & Stay Home!" to protect yourself. I think it's easier to tell old people what to do than to tell young people what to do!

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Hi @ew100, you'll notice that I moved your message to this related discussion called "COVID-19 Concerns: How do you help others understand?" where other members are concerned about people not following safe COVID practices. I encourage you to click VIEW & REPLY and read through the past posts.

You're right that countries around the world have imposed variations to lock-down, quarantine protocols and stay home orders with varying degrees of success. You are certainly not alone in being frustrated by some people openly disagreeing and disregarding restrictions mandated by governments and health authorities. However, I would be cautious about painting any specific group based on age, race, location or any other divisive criteria as the single culprits of not staying home. Many young people are adhering to the rules. It is now well-known that the coronavirus affects people of all ages and even those who are healthy and fit.

In accordance with Mayo Clinic's Community Guidelines (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/about-connect/tab/community-guidelines/), let us remain supportive, inclusive and respectful of all people. Let's use evidence-based information to help educate those who do not understand the importance of staying home.

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