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Ok I’ll look into this

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Hey man, I just finally caught a break! Turns out during an MRI of my brain they found a lesion in my sinuses. The ENT did a culture test and now I'm just waiting on the results. They said it could either be fungal growth or bacteria, but it has eaten a cavity into my sinuses. Apparently that crap has been draining down the back of my throat and has been killing off the flora in my guts. Basically, my body no longer has the probiotics to process the foods I eat and that's why I've been losing weight and experiencing side effects to any food I eat. This is probably also why I have been having hyper sensitivity, seizures, dizziness, weakness, hypoglycemia, and breathing problems.

However, there was one thing that bugged me. I've been experiencing this for about 3 years, and I knew I had an MRI done in 2019. So I went back and looked at it. Turns out, it was there on the 2019 MRI. The doctors and the radiologists had missed it. To their credit it was small, but you can see the mass shifting my sinus tissues, which should have been a red flag. But it aligns with the time I got sick. The problem now is determining whether or not it's a superbug as I have taken 3 kinds of antibiotics since then and it is still kicking.

Hopefully this helps ya out. It sure surprised me. I'll keep you all updated as this moves forward.