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Hey I am 29 years old and have been struggling with extreme fatigue/physically exhausted as well as throwing up well not really throwing up just completely nauseous. Like to the point if I even try to drink a beer I will throw up within minutes. I have lost all sex drive, I require frequent breaks at work just to make it through the day. I have gotten so many tests done, from blood draws to endoscopy/colonoscopy head mri. And they find absolutely nothing. They jump to it has to be depression, which I have tried 3 different anti depressants that have only made me 10x more sad. I feel like the problem is physical but starting to take a toll on me mentally because I have felt this way for three years. I’m so desperate for help I’ve reached out twice to be seen at the Mayo Clinic and have been denied both times, for some reason I have no idea. I’m so exhausted all the time it’s hard to even do basic everyday things, I know something is wrong I just don’t know what. Any advice, or someone who went through something similar with this mysterious sickness that could give onsite would be great. Thank you.

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If I were you I would keep trying at the Mayo Clinic. A native Minnesotan now living in Pennsylvania, I ran into a similar problem nine years ago when I was unhappy with the medical advice and treatment my local GP was providng me. I had my last unsatisfactory appointment with my local doctor on Christmas Eve nine years ago and decided that I had to make other arrangements. So I started calling around on Christmas Eve, mind you, to see where I could get an appointment. I called Johns Hopkins in Baltimore (one of my alma maters), the Cleveland Clinic, The University of Wisconsin, The University of Minnesota. Finally on Christmas Eve the Mayo Clinic took my call and gave me an appointmnet in January.2013 I consider myself very lucky because my problem was even more serious than I thought. I had my first consultation in January and received a diagnosis. The Mayo Clinic scheduled surgery for February. 8 years later, I'm happy to report that my condition is stable. Not only was I able to schedule my surgery in 2013, I wound up having three other surgeries at the Mayo Clinic that same year with excellent results. Persistence paid off in my case, I'm happy to say. I visited the Mayo Clinic several times a year for follow ups and I was always happy with the treatment I received. I'm planning to move back to Minnesota soon and hope to be able to use the Mayo Clinic as my primary medical resource.

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You mentioned in your previous discussion that this started when you were using substances. I know you have stopped using substances but that is only one part of the journey. What you are experiencing is not uncommon. May I ask what kind of substance abuse treatment you have had?

@reganripple You are having multiple symptoms and you have yet to find a cause or treatment.

So that I can direct you to the right discussion and members, may I ask why you posted in Men's Health specifically?