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A couple of side notes:

We don't live in Houston but we spent a couple of months there earlier this year when my wife was getting treated for AML. When we learned that she then needed a stem cell transplant, we also learned that we'd be in Houston for at least 4 more months for that. I was extremely lucky to have found an AirBNB 1 mile from MD Anderson with a small back yard for our two small dogs (children). She needed to be there because the trial drug she was receiving was not available anywhere else in Texas to my knowledge and the standard chemo would not have done her much good due to a mutation in a gene. It worked great but there was no reason to stay in Houston for the transplant so I started working on getting her moved closer to home and found the Texas Transplant Institute in San Antonio. I can be annoyingly persistent but I got her orders moved to SA and got her records transferred in a pretty short amount of time. This was also beneficial because her donor, our son, also lives closer to SA than Houston. So, while she is recovering out of the hospital, SHE CAN BE AT HOME! I've tried to get the medical folks to also pay attention to her psychological/emotional health as well as her physical health. The downside for me is that instead of being one mile away, I'm an hour away via I-35 but it was all very much worth it and will be more so when she gets out!

The other side note is that our son, her donor, did his residency at the Mayo in Jacksonville, FLA, which ended a couple of years ago! Since this is the Mayo Clinic Connect, I feel a little more connected. ­čÖé

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@bradmm, a quick check in to see how things are going for your wife, your son and you?