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Hello @ihatediabetes – I find it admirable that you are donating your time at the food shelf. However, have you given thought that you could possibly be contributing more than just your time?

You stated in an earlier post that your husband was an essential worker and that he would likely contract the disease at some point. (I certainly hope he does not)

If, heaven forbid he does, you could then at some point be inadvertently contaminating your fellow good Samaritans with Covid – 19.
We continuously are told that people that are asymptomatic could and do transmit the disease.

As this could be the case, why would you knowingly put others at risk?

Is there possibly something else you could do for the community that would mitigate the risk of transmitting Covid – 19 rather than enhance the risk?

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I don't think I am any different than the other volunteers. Also we aren't supposed to interact with the community. We do the back office work like unloading the truck and assembling hygiene kits. It's the staff that actually works directly with the public. So they are trying to keep us volunteers safe. I heard we have 8x the demand now that so many people are out of work.

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