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Upper and lower airway problems

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@nunez I'm sorry to hear you are struggling, a lot of people are dealing with delays in non-emergency procedures, and it is so difficult. Many of us have had to undergo multiple courses of antibiotics to resolve lung infections.
Can you tell us what was diagnosed from your sputum cultures? Have you had any procedures to try to relieve your sinusitis?
I intermittently deal with sinusitis, asthma and bronch – all of them give me up and down days. The only suggestion I have at this point is to do what you can to keep the mucus flowing. I find some relief from the congestion with Breathe Easy Tea from Traditional Medicinals – widely available in the tea aisle of larger markets and on line. I also us Mucinex (Long acting guaifenesin) to keep the mucus thin.
Stay calm and stay well.

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Sue thank you for your reply. I will try the Breath Easy tea. I have tired Mucinex in the past and will give it another try. It seems that it would be helpful as I have thick mucous which does not flow well. Often the mucous seems to be sitting deep in my sinus or down deep in my throat. I use a steroid and mucus thinner in my rinse but not sure it gets to where it needs to go to be helpful.
I had sinus surgery in Sept 2018 and it did help at first. But the cough has never stopped. I think it has been difficult to know for sure what is causing the cough. Is it a lung problem or a rhino sinusitis problem or both. The infectious disease doctor theorized that something about the structure of upper ways is causing the lung issues.
Past sputum and sinus swabs have found pseudomonas aeruginosa over the past two years. I have been treated with a 10 day course of Cipro, levofloxacin, and Tobramycin in my sinus rinse. I have tested for MAC several times. I have had some positive and mostly negative tests. I have a sputum test pending right now. If they found pseudomonas I would have heard by now as it has been 3 weeks. Dr. said it would be six weeks for results. I think until I can have the bronchoscopy I will not know what is going on for sure.

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