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So excited today –
In the dark, 3 of us delivered little bags of Easter candy to each doorstep.
Then our tiny community had sunrise Easter service in the road, with social distancing, led by a retired pastor, and sung by two of our talented ladies. The message was accompanied by singing birds instead of ringing church bells, and felt very peaceful and hopeful. Afterward, we were served homemade Hot Cross buns and orange juice.
We are preparing and serving a takeout ham dinner to 80 in our community, and it smells heavenly already. Yesterday I prepared 30 lb of whipped sweet potatoes and we filled portion containers with condiments. This morning my husband and our resident chef will carve the hams, and we will have 6 people in the large commercial kitchen, filling the containers. One (young) member will hand pre-packed bags out the door to one member of each household, while I deliver meals to the doors of those not able to pick them up….
These effort is heartwarming because it FEELS like a holiday and we are making things a little more normal for our friends and neighbors. For those of us preparing, the masks and gloves are a constant reminder to exercise the utmost care to keep everyone safe, and it will feel strange not sharing the table, but at least it is something we can do.
Later we will share Easter dinner via Zoom with our kids and grandkids. Last night the Easter Bunny, assisted by a dear friend, delivered Easter baskets to their doorsteps.
Stay calm, stay safe, stay hopeful

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@sueinmn – Bless you and all the folks helping with the service to the members of your community! What an awesome way to celebrate Easter. Our Easter in-car service has been cancelled due to the snow storm so it's another stay at home day for me and watch the service on my computer. Happy Easter and Blessings to all!

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