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Can you have pneumonia with 98% oxygen saturation?

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@mkqq– Hello and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I bet you're nervous about having some of the symptoms of COVID-19. I gather that your doctor didn't suggest getting tested. When I had pneumonia I did not have supplemental oxygen. With pneumonia, you are pretty sick. Perhaps you had bronchitis? They feel the same, to me at least. Did your fever actually disappear or stay in the 99 range?
Both bronchitis and pneumonia can last a long time. Not sleeping can be a form of anxiety or depression, and who isn't these days? I suffer from both and they are the pits. What have you done in the past that has worked in helping you get through difficult times?
Be careful with Melatonin. Take the least that you can. We take 1/4 of 3mg. The lower the dose the better it works. But I'm glad that you're sleeping better. Can you speak with your doctor and tell him of your concerns about your lungs? Did you by any have a slight cold before this? I get a fever with colds and fatigue is normal to recovery and especially with depression and anxiety. Did you have a pneumonia shot?
Here is some information on pneumonia:

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Good general advice.
I wouldn't change any dosages. I've been taking 3 mg melatonin for a number of years (the prednisone would not let me sleep, and i refused other options. What "pretty sick" means is beyond me! I have been part way out the door (DNR and all & palliative care) .
When it the COP is under control I. suffering from mainly fatigue. It is not "walking pneumonia. My guess is that her doctor is limiting his choices as to not expose her unnecessarily. I try not to over respond to everything.Too much info is not helpful. I would hope that MKQQ would ask each specific question/symptom to her doctor to remove all possible uncertainty, and not raise angst.

The doctor himself doesn't see any major concerns but said that if I wanted I could get checked at an isolation clinic. These days with the COVID-19 situation the GP cannot check you out themselves.

It is possible that I have/had bronchitis. Everyday I feel like I have a little more energy but nowhere near the level I used to have.

The fever only lasted for 2 days. For the past 5-6 weeks my temperature has been normal, 97-98 range.

My nose had been partially blocked for a while, little worse at night, that I guess is my only cold symptom. I did not have any cold symptoms before I got sick.

But I can feel that my body energy is very low these days. I hope it's due to a combination of fighting an infection for many weeks, not sleeping well, and anxiety. During the day I sometimes get cold hands and generally feel need to put on more layers than usual.

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