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Ginger, Volunteer Mentor (@gingerw)

A New Kind of Grief in These Times

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@gingerw Well another day and Im not any more wiser then yesterday. I was pleased to see the flowers I planted I saw a shoot coming up so to me now spring has sprung here at my little apartment. Im going out for a walk becsbuddy here in a little while when it warms up latter . We just had a good rain but 5 min. now its drying up and sun is out . Hello sun seeing it out makes me feel alittle better . I dont know if our local coffee shop is open or not will walk up and see. . I can look out my window and see the port of Long Beach I did a harbor tour once to see how those big cranes work to unload the ships that come in from China and other places. This is amazing a man operates the crane by sitting in a little box way up in the air . Just amazing . That's my story for today time to go walking take care and keep painting or is it done?

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@lioness We are experiencing glorious sunshine today, and the temperature is actually supposed to get into the mid-to-high 60s! We are so glad to see blue skies and sunshine, doors open for fresh air. There is a slight breeze, and I am watching the dandelion fuzz wafting in the air; I am encouraging it to get into the empty field! Last night I watched the full moon rise over the trees to the east, and our empty field behind us. It was so beautiful. I hope that you are able to get something at your little local coffee shop. As for the painting, we are going to wait until I am better able to do more before we continue with it. I have such limited movement in my right arm and shoulder due to the stitches. Good thing I'm left-handed!

@becsbuddy like you I find doing for others very rewarding. And there are so many opportunities to do something, even small. The feeling that I get from helping someone is much more than what I can give them. Glad to hear that your mother is doing well, even though she can't have visitors. That must be frustrating for everyone.

Lioness, your post brought a chuckle and reminded me that at age 25 I was so disappointed. After all, I'd turned a qtr of a century in years but recognized that I was Still appallingly unwise! At 50 yrs, I remembered that earlier dismay; just smiled and thought: not much progress on the wisdom but life is pretty good. At 75 yrs, I am just so frolickin' happy to Still Be Here that flaky or no, wise or no, life itself is well worth the trip!