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Hi John, thank you for responding to my post.. My main concern is that with living alone, there is no one to ask how I am doing and if I need anything, and that if I get worse,I might not be able to get help for myself.
It's only the second day and already it feels worse then I remember ever feeling.
I did call and report my symptoms to my doctors office, and they said they would pass the info to my doctor and I may hear from her later and that I should report any additional symptoms to them.
I have called a friend, my sister in Cleveland and my mom, and asked them to check in with me during the day by phone or text, and I am keeping track of my temp and symptoms in a document on my Kindle.
I feel like I have covered all the bases that I can think of

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@potterylady, I like the member name you chose. It gave me a visual picture – I can see you spinning a pottery wheel and shaping clay into something beautiful 🙂 Another thought I had depending on where you live there may be a social services type organization that helps deliver necessities and groceries to folks that are shut in. Have you tried to call any local government offices to see if there may be someone close that can call to check on you and possibly pickup necessities and groceries when needed?

@potterylady You seem to have thought of a lot of things and know who to take care of yourself. Here (yet another) article to help you know what you might expect, although everyone is different.
– What happens to your body when you have COVID-19? https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/what-happens-to-your-body-when-your-have-covid-19/

Here are some of things that I might get set up if I were coming down with a flu and alone:
– Arrange for a neighbor to be on call to shop for food or medication if necessary
– Have plenty of liquids on hand, like water by the beside, tea making items out on the counter, thermos flask to keep tea warm
– Ensure pathways between kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are clear and unobstructed to enable easy mobility
– Have extra blankets on hand if you get chilled
– Keep your phone charged and near you at all times in case you need to call someone or 911

I hope you hear from your doctor today, so that you can create a plan together of what to do if the symptoms worsen and need medical attention beyond what you are able to provide for yourself. Be sure to ask her which symptoms require her attention or emergency attention.

Do you have any previous or underlying lung issues, such as asthma, allergies or anything lung related?

Potterylady, I'm glad you shared your post about what you are experiencing right now. There are many of us in "like" circumstances and I applaud the steps you've taken.

You sound like another very talented person whom I can admire. Took an elective class once for pottery and to my sorrow, it was not a good match. Smiles.

Prayers for you dear lady.