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@jdlogan65 and @sueinmn, I think you both might appreciate these 2 articles:

– The Science Behind the Test for the COVID-19 Virus https://discoverysedge.mayo.edu/2020/03/27/the-science-behind-the-test-for-the-covid-19-virus/
– Research After COVID-19? Hold That Thought Says Infectious Diseases Expert https://discoverysedge.mayo.edu/2020/03/24/research-after-covid-19-hold-that-thought-says-infectious-diseases-expert/

This quote from Dr. Poland is particularly poignant.
""Each piece of research adds a pixel to the canvas, but it takes time," says Dr. Poland. "Whether we're talking about developing knowledge or a vaccine, the process is designed to be slow, evidence-based and reflective to help the most and harm the least."

It is really hard to patient during a crisis, but this rigor of research and evidence is necessary. I am, however, encouraged by some of ingenuity being applied to delivery of care, for example virtual visits. See this discussion:

– Telemedicine: How to make the most of a virtual doctor visit https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/covid-19-telemedicine-its-a-brave-new-world/

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No sooner did I post my message above did I listen to Mayo Clinic Dr. Farrugia's interview on CBS Face the Nation. Here are excerpts from the interview about antibody serum.

"MARGARET BRENNAN: One of the therapies that's gotten a lot of attention is these antibody serums. Tell me what your thoughts are on how effective that can be.

FARRUGIA: So we know that in order to really handle this crisis, we have to take many different approaches. The best antivirus still remains washing your hands, and we have to remind people of that. Then there are the antivirals themselves that attack the virus themselves. Then there are agents that are effective at blocking the molecules that the virus causes our own cells to release. And that can prevent some of the damage we're seeing in the lungs and other organs, including the kidneys. And then there are these convalescent ser- or convalescent plasma. Where you take plasma from a person who has had the virus and has recovered and has now an antibody response to it. And take that and in general, you can treat four people from one person. And doing so, you can provoke a artificial- a given response that allows them to recover more quickly. This is based on other diseases. It is now being tried for the coronavirus, for COVID-19. And Mayo Clinic and other institutions are working very hard, collaborating with industry to make sure that we can have adequate supply to test if this is going to make a difference. And I'm hopeful that it will."

Watch or read the entire interview here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/transcript-gianrico-farrugia-on-face-the-nation-march-29-2020/

@colleenyoung Thank you for these – I shared them with friends and family – including some who think those urging us to pause & wait are "scaremongers" or worse. Dr Poland's numbers are stark.