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Hi heartbreaker,
Why would you choose not to have CABG? It took me quite a while to work up the courage to agree to the triple valve surgery and CABG. Everything I’ve read indicates my odds of surviving the surgery are not wonderful. But I have confidence that the surgeons at Mayo will give me the best shot possible- at least at living through the surgery. Quality of life on the other side is a mystery and a huge gamble. Right now, I function independently, and while I’m limited physically compared to my personal past (for example, I can no longer swim because I get severely out of breath), there are many who are far worse off than I. I’ve asked myself “should I just roll the dice and skip this massive surgery and enjoy what time I have left?”. I wish I had a more concrete view of what the progression of this disease will look like without surgical intervention. In the absence of that knowledge, my decision-making is driven by faith in the skill of the docs and my own lifelong compulsion to fix what’s broken.

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I would not choose to have another CABG because I had one 16 months ago and it was very painful, very traumatic, and extremely unpleasant. However, Mayo is the best, and your faith is well founded. No one can predict what will happen after surgery. My recovery was great. I was 73.