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Colleen this is Nancy (shortshot) Nothing to do with the virus…. wanted to let you know I will be having another surgery on April 7. They are putting in a filter so catch any blood clots that may travel. I will be off of blood thinner then. Couple weeks ago the doc removed a liter of fluid off my left lung. Then they went in with a camera on my right Lung and found spots where I've been bleeding and marked them for radiation. Tomorrow will be the 5th session of radiation and then I also have to go to the hospital for seven days to get the medicine in my port to supposedly kill the UTI . So far as many times as I've had the medicine it has not permanently killed the bug. Keeps coming back about every month or so. I'm really tired of it all. just wanted to keep you and Teresa updated. By the way my book is done. Proof copy coming in couple days. Then I will order. Thanks For listening Colleen. Nancy (shortshot)

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Keep hope Nancy. They will be able to stop these bugs. My prayers will be with you. Be strong.

@shortshot80 .
Hi Nancy,
So good to hear from you again. The filter to catch the blood clots has been quite helpful for many. I wish you good success with that. I hope the medicine via the port is able to take care of that stubborn UTI. I'm sure you will be glad to get rid of it too!
I'm looking forward to hearing about your book! You've put a lot of work into it.
Take care and God bless you my friend!