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@imallears I did buy a bottle of non-alcoholic once at the holidays and I just decided it wasn't worth the bother over just drinking water!

I never cared for Pinot Grigio, too much like water, but there are some good zins I think. I also do not like sweet wines, except for some really nice dessert wines like Hungarian Tokaji Aszu. If you haven't tried it you should and make sure you get one with at least 5 Puttonyos. I was introduced to it when I was a manager at the beautiful Inn in my town, The Bedford Village Inn. It has one of the best wine lists in NH. The Spanish reds were my favorite reds. The one I used to purchase was from a winery that had two versions. I would watch the NH state liquor ads and when the better one went on sale I would always grab a few bottles.

I really miss the whole wine culture and going to wine country. Our next trip to Italy was going to include Tuscany but that's not to be.

@artist01 Although I don't care for pinot grigio now, it was really my introduction back to drinking wine. I gave up alcohol when I was pregnant and never resumed until the kids were out of the house. As I used to say, I couldn't afford to be mellow with them around. One white I loved was the little known Italian Arneis. It's a difficult grape to grow though so it can be difficult to find. If you see it on a restaurant menu give it a try.

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If Pinot Grigio tasted like water than it was not a good brand. I have had watery pinots. There are many cheap watery blah sweet pinots out there. For a good Pinot Grigio or Gris you should be able to feel it on your tongue and it should have a decent amount of acidity. There…I have defended my favorite white wine. Although I don’t like sweet wines, I would try the Hungarian essert wine.
I had to look up Puttonyos. Now I have a new wine vocabulary word! Thanks!

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