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@imallears I had about 76 bottles of wine in my collection when I was diagnosed and told I had to totally abstain from alcohol. Many of those were gift wines there were pricier than wines I bought for myself so I was saving them for a special day. I learned never to do that. Every day is special. I missed out but a lot of my friends and some family were the benefactors of great wine. I had many whites, Spanish reds, zins, some prestige pinot noirs from a winery in CA, and some sparkling. My husband drinks almost nothing but Cabernet so he did not care for them. 😭
I generally had one glass of wine with dinner. I miss that.

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Oh wow, I would have been a very friendly neighbor when you had that collection. I prefer Cabs also along with Reds from Spain and Pinot Grigio…..don’t like sparkling , zins , Chardonnay or anything sweet. Have you tried the non alcoholic wine or is that off limits too? Yeah I would miss wine with dinner and it’s a very social drink.

FL Mary

@contentandwell I sure do miss my one glass a day with dinner, too! My favorite was Pinot Grigio. We keep saying, "After the pandemic", for a lovely restaurant meal with wine and friends or family. Aaahhh!

@contentandwell, What you wrote is so true! While my s-i-l swears they didn't buy their new home because of the actual temp controlled wine cellar and I'm well satisfied with the Beringer White Zinfandel they keep on hand just for my visits, I know the feeling of "missing out" by gifting your 76 wines to others when you had to abstain.

It was somewhat the same for me when I discovered that I was highly allergic to wood smoke. It didn't take long to share my still-waiting-in-the wings cord of firewood after posting on my neighbor page that I had some free for the taking. I still yearn for the smell of the wood fires and yearn for the smells of pinon pine particularly.

From that experience I learned to not delay when finding a special plant because tomorrow it might not be available. Now I don't wait or save things for special occasions. Heck! At my age, I might not be around later so why not enjoy those wonderful finds right now???

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