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Retinal Detachment Surgery

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@jaguar737 @imallears @sue225 @lisalucier Thank you all for your different perspectives. I just got back from the ophthalmologist who said it wasn't a tear or detachment ( I think I heard a 'yet') but the vitreous gel that is against the retina has 'liquified' in a couple of places, and moved away from the retina causing the floaters. The explanation for the flashes of light was a little more technical but he said to give it 3 weeks. If the floaters multiply and/or I get any shading across the eye to come in immediately. Otherwise I'm ok. I don't want to lose an eye (I already lost hearing in both ears) so I am going to get another opinion at one of the large Eye Hospitals in Philly where I live. Thanks again and will update if the 2nd opinion differs.

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That’s good to hear . Those floaters are the vitreous gel that liquified and yes, it does happen as you age . I was in my 30s when this happened. They’ve come so far since then that maybe my surgery would not have happened so quickly. But at least your doctor seems to have the right approach . A second opinion is a good idea and everyone will be keeping their eye on you (omg).
I wear hearing aids and have a profound loss and tell everyone I use my eyes to hear. Good for you for getting on top of it.

By the way, do some research on eye healthy foods and ask your doctor about taking eye vitamins. Like several people here on this forum I have been taking Preservision with Lutein for years. And WEAR SUNGLASSES! 😎

FL Mary