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@merpreb So true . I have a tip here for you as far as fresh vegies . Long time ago I was listening to Dr. Oz . He said if you make a solution of vinegar and water . spray all vegies let set for a few minutes it kill the pesticides ,insecticides on vegies so I have my vinegar water bottle handy and use on all vegies and also strawberrys they are harder put them in this solution in a bowl and set 20 minutes so the solution gets into the bumps Try to get your mind of the virus as you are doing posting this will help you and breath deep always several times a day . Do you do any meditation or listen to relaxing music ? This helps me when I let my panic go wild. Hope you stay safe Merry

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@lioness– I'm sorry but I wouldn't believe anything that Dr. Oz had to say. I'm good Linda. Thank you. Am hoping that you are too.