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Let’s play TOP MY FANTASY.
So here I am, once again all harnessed up quivering like a…yeah like a what?

Well years ago I read about the first transcontinental “highway;” the Lincoln highway, Largely or totally unpaved, can’t remember which. The trip entailed rough dusty stretches which rain could turn into miles of sloughing. And how about coaxing a Model T over railroad tracks without benefit of any build-up remotely resembling a grade crossing?

So as I’m sitting’ here getting churned somehow the thought occurs; this is probably a little like what ridding a Model T over a “washboard” stretch of that early unpaved Lincoln highway might have felt

So if you’re one of the “Vest Set” chime in. And if you’re not, use your imagination and chime in anyway. No one’s gonna card ya. Don

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Hey @thumperguy, what a great idea. I love the "top my fantasy" concept. Let's share our dreams of places to go and thrills to experience. I've merged your post with this discussion that @bridgegoddess started in the COVID-19 group.

While we might safe in place, it doesn't limit our mind's explorations and we can even use technology to explore places we've yet to travel to. I like that you've added the tactile to the visual. Yes, I've traveled on "washboard" rutted unpaved road. Not a journey one wants to make at high-speed that's for sure. You brought to mind a memory that a tour guide painted for a group of us visiting Utah when she showed us the well worn ruts of the oxen carts and covered wagons that the early settlers left when moving west. That was certainly not the luxury travel that we have come to expect today.

Where does your next fantasy or exploration of the unknown take you?