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Thanks, John, for the chocolate shop site in MN. that brought back so many delightful memories of our early marriage years in Duluth. We'd laugh about the twin cities as our escape to the Bahamas! Eons ago, hubby was stationed in the Air Force and as a TX native, it was my first introduction to canoe portages in the wilderness, using an ice auger on the frozen lake while socializing with others on their snow machines. My teaching partner from Norway and her husband "adopted us" and introduced us to a real log burning sauna at their cabin. The wonderful people and nature experiences of that time are among the best remembrances of my life. Rhubarb gathering, scooping up smelt on their runs, making my first hand picked tiny wild strawberry jams, learning how to beer batter pike and celebrating a New Year's meal with friends who served a fish in white sauce instead of our traditional black eyed peas are just a smattering of the unforgettable memories of that state, it's wildlife and multi-generational families who welcomed us and taught us so much.

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Thanks @fiesty76, You returned the favor of some great memories. My wife's family is Norwegian and it was her brothers that introduced me to snowmobiles, it was quite a site to see them help me pull his snowmobile out of the slushy end of a frozen Wisconsin lake where they had a cabin. I really didn't want to ride it although I loved dirt bike riding and knew the basics of the snowmobile. They kept pushing me to take his snowmobile out on the lake – hey, it's safe just follow the existing trails. They told me nothing about which trail to take and when it split into two directions I stopped for a minute to evaluate which way and the back of the snowmobile started sinking. I was more panicked by seeing my two brother-in-laws running toward me than the fact that the snowmobile was sinking. It was only waist high at the end of the lake where it went in but we were able to pull the machine out no harm no foul and everyone got a laugh at my expense.

I do like the thought of reliving our happy moments in our lifetimes That is a great stress buster Looking at old pictures, listening to the music you loved as a teenager, and followed that up by talking to an old friend ! Bringing joy back into our lives with a Happy memory Puts a smile on our faces has a great physiological effect on our bodies , Having a plan to get through these difficult times make a us feel like we are doing something It makes us feel better prepared and lessens anxiety . Making sure your prescriptions medicine are refilled,, knowing that you have a good supply of nutritional foods all empower us .i have tried to think through I can substitute one think for another Many of our food stores are having to gear cup for a new reality For the last 10 days getting safe pickup service or delivery has been close to impossible But now we are seeing a a bit of a slow shift towards that being a helpful option
But we know that there may be shortages because of business shut downs . So prepare as much as you can, but that so much is changing on a day to day basis , and what may have been difficult today , is better tomorrow Turn on that music , turn off the TV for a few hours , look at happy photos , beautiful landscapes Every day I am sharing stunning pictures of gardens or flowers on my Facebook page. There is a great site called Paradise of Flowers that I follow, and share their pictures i do Lomé the thought that I can interact with people I do not know , and understand that so many of us are more alike than different I am enjoying your ideas to keep our selves engaged in life even from our homes which more than ever are our sanctuaries. Thanks for all your responses

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