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My little chicks are doing great… growing & trying to fly!! :0 Enjoy

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@livlovlaff7 How cute they are . How many do you have at one time. Are you on a farm or just a home in country? Our neighbors did raise them for there use not to sell. I lived in the rural area and we had 1 domino chicken she gave us 550 eggs before our dog got a hold of her . My husband kept count . In the winter she molted and I had to put a heater in her building .

@livlovlaff7 Thank you for sharing these pics. My neighbor had a man cave in the country and my 2 grands and I loved his taking us on tours of his prize winning chicks. We had no idea so much care was involved in hatching and raising them. Not sure the boys had actually made the connection before going that this is how eggs and chicken nuggets appeared on our dinner tables! Smiles He also had goats and watching the adorable antics of the kids was entertainment at its best. These babies look off to a very good start!

@livlovlaff7 ovlaf Chicks are the cutest things. I was raised on a farm and in the spring we got new chicks, but ours were all yellow. Yours must be a different breed. Then they grew up to be chickens. We had chickens in part of our closed off barn and another hen house. I got to gather the eggs feed and water them. I hated when I saw the hens pick on another hen. I wish now I had tried to save the poor thing. When I was a little girl I loved the little chicks, but I also liked the baby new born pigs. Go ahead and laugh. Really they were cute. And then they grew up.

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