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Clear ear drainage

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Who wants to be a medical anomaly. The only thing I can add is about ear fungus, if that should occur again, is that I recently had fungus in both ears. My ENT treated it with iodine , told me also to buy a bottle and fill the ear canals and let it drain. I couldn't use my aids for 2 days. On the 3rd day I went back and it was all cleared up and my hearing was so much better.

Hopefully, someone on this forum has not read your post yet and can offer some input. You don't need to be written up in a medical journal.
Try a couple of towels wrapped around your pillow at night if you would rather not put a cotton ball in.

Good Luck,
FL Mary

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@imallers I just recently have dry ear canals and now scabs in outer ear . What do you do for these scabs No pain so of course since seniors have to be careful I don't go out so thought you may have some suggestion or anyone else

Prior to going to an ENT,I went to my GP and she used a combo of gentian violet and clotrimazole drops to to help with my infection. One thing I learned,Never, use water to help remove impacted earwax ,and never use Q-tips to clean the ear canal. OUCH!